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Shipping & Returns

Orders can be delivered by local mail or courier. Depending on the region, your order will provide postal service, this package will be delivered in regular mail. If you are not at home, sent by postal service notification card, you can do how and where delivery is done.

We will deliver your order by courier. Express can leave your order with your neighbors. If you are not at home, the notification card can be delivered wherever and where to complete delivery by email. It may take a long delivery signature.

If you have any questions about shipping problems, please contact our customer service.

Shipping policy
Note that if you choose a standard ad serving service, most of the land will arrive at your destination within 2 weeks, but some destinations may take more time to reach please.

Monitoring speeding up
If you choose to continue and quick delivery service, parcel 5-15 business days will reach the destination.

He began to come back
Here you can start a free online prepayment return label.

Return policy
Online shopping: We want to get completely satisfied with your product website, but for some reason, not just return the full amount in case you return the goods within 90 days. According to our simple,

Purchased products must be returned to our store.

Return processing
For online shopping, refunds will be credited to the original payment method. All refund fee (including expenses required for return of goods) will be charged for all taxes (S). Shipping costs are expenses, the original shipping fee will be refunded. Once we receive it, we will refund the consumer goods in our warehouse. Please allow up to 2 billing cycles for credit to your account, your earnings are being processed. If you receive a gift of your size or color error you can return the payment of the original gift card you received. If you order the first purchase in the form of a gift, you become a new gift card, we will ship the shipment, we will receive the order of the credit items of the original address.

Change or cancel order
You can change the order at any time before submitting the order. But once ordered, we have issued a fast way to get orders to the design of our orders and transportation systems. Once submitted, we can not change the order. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department. Our customer support team will make every effort to help you.

You can not get discounts and promotions Please note that if you are disqualified, special offers, promotions and items.

·Alternating current
One for a new order, returned to one table on the original item - Please be aware that the returned products and new orders were posted on your credit card. We regain reduction of transportation costs.